Basic Roulette Strategy

big_image_winner_casinoYou are going to be tempted to put in place some form of strategy when you are playing Roulette, and in this section of our website we are going to introduce you to a few ways that you can play Roulette in a more structured way in the hope you manage to have a winning session or more winning session than losing one’s!

The very first thing that you should do when you choose to play Roulette whether you are playing at an online casino, a land based casino or a mobile casino site is to learn about the differences between each Roulette game variant that will be on offer to you.

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There are several different variants available and the one you should be looking to play is the one which boasts the lowest house edge. The house edge is simply the theoretical percentage profit that a casino is expected to win off you over the long term, based on the design of any type of casino games.

With this in mind below we will introduce you to the three main types of Roulette games that you are going to be able to access and play in any type of gaming environment, and we will give you an overview of each of them along with letting you know the house edge attached to each variant, obviously the Roulette game variant with the lowest house edge is the one you need to be playing!

French Roulette – The French Roulette game has a house edge of a very low 1.35% attached to all of the even money paying betting options available on its betting layout. This is a single zero Roulette game and the reasons why each of those even money paying betting opportunities have such a low house edge attached to them is that whenever a zero is spun in and you have placed such a bet you either get half your stakes on those bets returned to you or they all stay in place on the layout for the next spin.

European Roulette – The European Roulette is a simply to play and understand Roulette game variant and when playing this game due to there being one zero in play on the wheel and as all winning straight up betting opportunities are paid out at odds of 35 to 1 the house edge on this variant is 2.70%. This is in fact the most commonly available mobile Roulette game variant you are going to come across and as such it is the game you are most likely to end up playing!

American Roulette – The only other Roulette game variant that you are likely to come across is the American Roulette game, this game is not one you should play for it has two zeros on its wheel. One of those zeros is the standard single zero and the other one is a double zero.  As there are no increased pay outs on any of the betting options available on this game and they are all identical to the European Roulette game the house edge on this variant is a much larger and less appealing 5.26% due to it having that additional double zero in play on its wheel.

One final thing to be aware of is that there are a range of additional Roulette game variant that you will come across on which you will be allowed to place some form of bonus bet onto the betting layout in the hope you spin in one or more selected numbers to win a range of bonus payouts. Those bonus side bets are usually very high house edge wagering options and as such you need to avoid placing those side bets and avoid playing any games on which a side bet can be placed!

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